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Facebook: The Place Where You Go to Compare Yourself With Others.

Have you ever had the urge to check up on yourself to see if you were as popular or had a good of a life as others?  If not, head on over to Facebook.  It's the place to see if you are measuring up.  If you have a low sense of self-worth, social media is often the death knell to your well-being and sense of positive identity.

It is no secret that the internet is full of lies, and social media is ground zero for the fakest, manufactured images of prosperity and well-living that exists on the internet.  If you are not living up to others, what's wrong with you?  There must be something with you because everyone else seems to be living their absolute best possible life and winning it, right?

Not quite.  But you can't deny that some people paint a picture of near-perfect prosperity, family lives, and idyllic living that you could never hope to measure up to in the real world.  The truth is, their lives are not quite up to the bar that they are projecting out to everyone else.  

Everyone has struggles, addictions, battles, bad days, anger, deep-seated latent mental issues, jealousy, envyrage, feelings of self-loathing, depression, and malcontentment.  In fact, there is not one person on this green earth that lives a life that is quite what they proclaim exists on social media.  Why is it that most people claim to need a "break" from time to time.  Yet, most people are afraid to say it, because it may make them look less than perfect.  

Humans are social creatures, but up to a point.  We are more social with those we love (spouses, children, and very close friends).  Yet, even these relationships have limits.  Once we pass the threshold of comfort, we start to want to withdraw.  Yet, on social media, we treat strangers as if they are spouses, by opening up our entire lives to everyone who wants to take a peek inside of our lives.  And, later on we realize that we feel naked when we expose our insecurities to the world.  On the other side of the coin is this idea that we should share every tiny accomplishment that we have made in life.  We hope for some kind of societal affirmation or that we will be noticed for what we have accomplished in life.  Yet, the reality is that few care, and even have the capacity to care.  Sure, you may get some likes, but the human mind is preoccupied and obsessed with self.  The further you are out of the loop of friendship, the more you will be passed over or ignored.  Yet, it looks like others are more popular, live better lives, or have all their ducks in a row.  Those people get the greatest reward because others desire to have what they have -- popularity and that life that is just too orchestrated to be real.  

In the real world you see families that fight tooth and nail, filled to the brim with jealousy and overflowing anger.  On Facebook, this has been replaced with the illusion of love and forgiveness.  In the real world your dinner is soggy and needs to be eaten ASAP before the flies land on it and usurp it.  On social media, the meals are almost time-frozen in plastic, looking next to perfect.  In the real world, you are rewarded for the fruits of your labor, on social media you may get likes (depending on how jealous your life makes others).  If you make people too jealous--if your life looks too perfect--or if you have something that someone else wants--you will be a pariah.  Welcome to the club.

Social media is a voyeur's dream.  Where thousands of eyes can stop by and take a close look at your life, and you have to walk the fine line between looking "good enough" but not "too good."  People don't like you if you are not good enough, and people literally hate you if you are "too good."  If you don't figure out how to navigate this tightrope life you will wash out, feeling only self-loathing and negative self-worth.  Is it worth it?  


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