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The Old Man and Facebook III: Homecoming & Intervention

Facebook and Politics

I mentioned in my previous post how the old man got into a pretty heated fight on Facebook and has been pretty much existing solely on Zuckerberg's folly for almost a year now.  In previous posts, I talked about how the old man spent his waking-hours screen locked to Facebook, even going as far as to skip church.  Now, I am told that he may soon be released from the hospital.  Now what?

The truth is, I am not the only member of the family who sees a huge issue with the old man's Facebook use.  His children and even his spouse are seeing that there is indeed an issue with stress and his Facebook use.  Facebook is killing this man, and it's not good!  

The stress that has been brought on by Facebook, Covid-19 fights, and political arguments have taken a toll on the old man's health, and now the old man is facing the grim reaper as a result.  It's time to make some changes, or the old man is going to be pushing up daisies very soon!  And, I can tell you that this will do no good at all for the rest of his family.  In short, Facebook is not worth it!  

Life is not about accumulating stress, so why does he do it?  Why does anyone do it?  What would it benefit a person if they spend all their days looking at stressful posts and comparing their lives to everyone else?  What good do the political posts do?  In fact, if you look closely you can see that the culture of Facebook has changed.  Once upon a time, Facebook was about sharing posts of family, friends, and a light peppering of political posts and opinions.  Now, it's more opinion and a heavy dose of political posts.  

It's not good!  

Yet, here we are.  The old man waits in the hospital.  His family waits to see if he will be released.  Soon there must be intervention, or the old man may not live much longer.  I honestly, 100% believe that stress is the cause of his high blood pressure.  I also completely believe that Facebook is a HUGE part of the reason why his blood pressure was 247/102!  I can't be the only one who feels this way.  

One must be busy in life or they will succumb to inactivity and, if there is no activity, one dies.  The brain must think about good things.  The body must work.  Life must go on.  


By now it is no secret that Facebook and social media are pretty toxic places.  Yet, many people don't bat an eyelash as they spend hours upon hours tethered to these sites.  What gives?  After ten years of research and writing articles on this topic, I sat down and wrote a book on the subject - Facebook Detox.  

Facebook Detox is unlike any other book on the subject of social media.  Instead of beating around the bush and telling a person to merely cut back, Facebook Detox tells it how it is.  Using real-world examples, case studies, and scientific data, Facebook Detox rips Facebook apart.  

This awesome book (if I do say so myself) tackles and pummels Facebook from every angle.  Depression, envy, infidelity, productivity, addiction, anger, sadness, lethargy, comparing, and loss of joy (among others).  Many of the themes of this website have been taken and expanded in great detail.  

Facebook Detox is available as an ebook or physical book on  


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