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Why Do Big Personal Accomplishments and Creative Endeavors Get Ignored on Facebook and Social Media?

This is a post about how your friends will pretend to not care at all when you create something and share it on social media -- in fact, they will likely work to ignore it and disdain it, while they instead fill themselves with deep and undeniable envy.  Your REAL friends are those who are around you, and those who love to see you add value to the world.  

This post is going to hit close to home for a LOT of people.  

Humans by nature are very creative people.  Yet, on social media, there is this idea that if you create something, you should be ostracised, and that your work and creative spirit should not be celebrated. 

If you write something or make something, it is far more likely that strangers will take notice than your friends
.  Why is that?  I have often wondered this, as inane political posts and random selfies get more likes than creative endeavors, posts where people share their business milestones, or when they publish something. 

For years, I have wondered why this was the case.  I have come to the conclusion that it all comes down to envy.  People want to be creative, but they waste hours a day on social media.  When they see someone else creating something, the immediate thought is how jealous they are of this person.  Instead of building up that person and making them feel that they should continue to create and add to the world, instead, those closest to them completely ignore it, hoping that it will somehow go away, or that the person will become just like the rest of them.  In Robert Greene's book, The 48 Laws of Power, he talks about how being too perfect can cause people to actually turn on someone.  Could being creative in the world also cause people to turn on you? 

People taking pictures of a famous painting.

Human beings want the limelight, and for centuries, some have even gone as far as to kill each other for their share of the spotlight.  It's no secret that people crave, almost more than anything else in life, to be seen, heard, and celebrated for all that they are.  Once a person does something extraordinary, then envy creeps in and some kind of chemical goes to the brain.  For many fingers, it is almost next to impossible to hit the like button.

You know that feeling.  Where you know you should maybe like something, but it literally is like benching 200 lbs to get your finger to move to that little heart or like button.  Where you know that it's almost the right and friendly thing to do, but your pride is like "no sir."  Everyone has felt that way on social media.  It's like it's an ethical battle playing in front of you.  Many people can't get themselves to actually like the things you have designed because they feel naked when they see that business you built, that book you wrote, that song you composed, that mural you painted, that award you won.  

The mind needs to create.  It is addictive.  Powerfully addictive.

There are things that are large life achievements that are flooded with likes.  Getting married, buying a house, graduating from college.  No problem.  Those are not really creative endeavors though.  They are special occasions, but they are shared by many people in the world.  It is normal to buy a house or get married.  Going to college is more like a right of passage.  Many people do it.  Sure, many people write books and start businesses, but those are still rarer.  They take something beyond the regular mind to do.  They take a creative spark, willpower, and a series of goals to accomplish.  Most people don't write books.  Most people don't excel in business.  Most people don't win big awards for their creativity.  Those who do are likely the kind that are not living on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites all day long, and if they are on social media, they can control their use.  They know that it is important to take breaks, delete the app from time to time, and spend months off it if needed.  They have complete control over their social media.  Even more impressively, some of them don't care at all what others think about what they ate because they are busy building an empire.  

It is nice to be seen, heard, and noticed, but you have to learn that when you post a big finished product of something that you are proud of, some people are going to be jealous.  That's just human nature.  Like I said at the beginning, people are creative beings at their very core.  We have been given a rare ability to imagine and build.  It's what we were designed to do and it is what we love to do.  Yet, things like social media keep many of us from doing that.  If you want to build something, you have to sometimes cut back on other things you like to do, and for some people that is extremely hard or next to impossible.  You also have to contend with how you see yourself.  Do you have faith you could even create something?  If not, why not?  All people can create something.  You can too!  It just takes some practice.  It takes drive, ambition, and a lot of strategic goal-setting.  It takes focus.  Facebook kind of kills all those things.  Maybe then, those who don't like what you are creating are those who know that if they liked the fruit of your labor, they would, somewhere deep down inside, realize that they needed to get off social media and do something with their own lives.  And that may cut deeper than they can deal with.  

An eye seeing a couple kissing.  Envy.
The eye that sees something it wants becomes either a
weapon against your mind or a catalyst for action.  You choose.

Is Marky the Zuck making you lethargic for life?  Do you want to build an empire but that empire seems to be a Facebook serfdom?  I know the feeling.  Time is a gift -- and an extremely powerful one!  It's going to blow your mind to realize, but when you get off Facebook, you are going to have a ton of extra time at your disposal!  And imagine the things you can create with that time.  Sure, some people won't like it.  That's part of the excitement.  It's more fun to do something that some people don't like than it is to sit on Facebook and try to rile people up with stupid memes.  I mean, honestly, I'd rather write a book or build a six-figure business than upset my worst high school enemy with a post dissing his political party.  Do you get what I'm saying?  Now is the time!  Once you value time the way it deserves to be valued, you will see things happen.  Try it!  


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