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LinkedIn is Becoming Facebook 2.0

I have been working to promote this blog on LinkedIn a bit lately.  While engaged in this activity, I have noticed something interesting.  LinkedIn is becoming just another version of Facebook.  Facebook with your resume attached to it, that is.  It has always been thought of as a "Facebook for grown-ups" but that's not quite accurate when you see Facebook's demographics.  LinkedIn was the "professional person's social media site" but it seems that the lines that exist between LinkedIn and Facebook are being blurred.  

Scrolling through LinkedIn, I see similar posts, with the political stuff leaking more into LinkedIn than ever before.  I don't spend much time going through LinkedIn.  I generally post something, scroll down for ten seconds, and close the tab.  Yet, even in that short time, I have noticed some posts that reminded me of Facebook.  

In the last few days, I have seen posts with personal information that was totally irrelevant to the site.  I have seen more than one scantly clad selfie, and even some political memes that were (almost) as bad as the ones that are on Facebook.  It may be that some individuals are copying their posts from Facebook and using LinkedIn as a way to get their posts some more exposure?  Perhaps.  LinkedIn users are human, after all, and using one site does not make you any better than using the other.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have the same purpose, being to share aspects of your life with friends and connections.  Facebook has always been about sharing everything from the mundane to the awesome.  LinkedIn has been about sharing more of the professional achievements of life.  Yet, some people don't really know the difference it seems, and that problem is growing.  Maybe LinkedIn needs to come out with some kind guide or something to help those who think that LinkedIn is another Facebook (maybe it's that blue can get confusing!)

LinkedIn and PoliticsPerhaps it is that people don't really know how to use LinkedIn.  There have been other articles written on this subject.  They state that LinkedIn users are acting like Facebook users.  Some examples include profile pictures that are more appropriate for Facebook, unprofessional headlines, not really interacting with connections, liking and commenting on everything you see, doing what you can to get seen (this was talked about in The 48 Laws of Power and could be used in a positive way), and sharing the most ridiculous stuff that has NOTHING at all to do with the professional world or your job.  I'm talking about things that would offend people.  Hint: If you would not show it to a hiring manager during an interview, don't post it.  

You don't have to post everything you do on LinkedIn.  Just because you didn't grab that last scone at the employee luncheon does not mean you need to brag about it with 20 pictures of that scone sitting there at different angles.  It's good to have some self-control but come on!  Also, the graduation photos this time of year are really great.  It is awesome that you are now out of school and loose in the world, but do we need to see every picture you and your parents took on that proud day?  The post-graduation meals are best shown somewhere else (maybe Facebook?).  Little Timmy looks really cute there by the water fountain, soaked from the waist up, but that's probably also better shared somewhere else.  That Big Mac (with the bite taken out of it) really looks, uh...nice, but we didn't log on to LinkedIn to see your lunch.  And that's nice that you think that Greta Thunburg is the greatest thing since sliced butter, but that's the kind of polarizing stuff that causes rifts.  It's best to keep that stuff quiet.  Half your friends don't want to hear about it.  

It is great that you are an adult and in the professional world now.  I get that it's a nice feeling to have a job or feel that you are making big strides in the real world.  That's fantastic, but I feel that the things that we brag about in the modern age are often quite silly.  Under the hood, Facebook and LinkedIn are largely about showing off.  I admit that I've done it, too.  I've marketed myself, this blog, and even shared some things that I have written there.  I am not immune to the want to be seen, heard, and make changes in the world.  At the same time, however, we need to realize the reality of (a)social media and how the mind operates.  People are largely more interested in what they are doing than what you are doing.  With that said, do not spend too much time on these sites, because just like Facebook, spending too long on LinkedIn has the same result: making you feel depressed.  It's another competition where a person will share only the aspects of their life that they want you to see.  Few people will post about their disciplinary hearing or how the boss said, "I think that this job isn't a match for you."  


  1. LinkedIn isn't what it once was. It's more about shameless self-promotion rather than posting your resume and actually networking. I have seen nude pictures on LinkedIn. Nude pictures! I was shocked, but not surprised. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    I wonder if that helps someone land a job in this economy...


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