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Why Do People Like Stupid Posts on Facebook?

Facebook is not the best place to log into if you want to feel good about yourself or your life.  In fact, it may be the most depressing place to be if you are bored and feeling down on yourself.  The problem is that it's too easy to just hit the Facebook app on your phone and see what is happening.  It's an addiction for many, who think that there's some virtue in staying abreast of the barrage of information that is spilling in at any given moment.   If you have gotten yourself to post something witty or interesting, you may find yourself wondering if it got any reactions or sparked a conversation with your "friends."  Sadly, more often than not, posts don't spark many conversations unless you are in the right "cliques."  For those who are not connected with enough like-minded people who think just the same as you do, you are not going to get the bread and butter of Facebook--that being the almighty like!   You scroll through your Facebook feed, wo

Going on a Facebook and Instagram Free Vacation

Would you enjoy traveling without facebook

Could you do it?  For $1000 would you go on a Facebook or Instagram free vacation?  What if the vacation was also free?  All food, all lodging, plane tickets, and even the visas?  What if, say, you could go to Turkey, Costa Rica or Australia for free?  But, the catch was, no posting anything on social media about the trip.  You could never say a word about it, and once you did, the entire bill for the trip came due, along with the extra $1000 you were given.   

do you live to show off your travels to the world

Could you do it?

Would the trip be as fun without being able to post every moment?  Could you enjoy those beautiful blue Thai waters and golden beaches without posting a selfie while taking in a gorgeous sunset?  Could you enjoy the Costa Rican food without showing your friends before you took your first bite?  Could you truly enjoy that meal if your friends were not salivating as you were devouring it?  Would you be able to enjoy the Hagia Sofia without posting a live video of you walking through those huge halls and taking in the awesome vistas of the minarets over the Bosphorus?  

For many, part of the joy of traveling is the joy of sharing (or even showing off) those travels to the rest of the world.  I admit I have long enjoyed sharing my own travels with the world via social media.  Taking pictures of my wife and daughter in front of the Taj Mahal for our 15th anniversary, or posting drone videos of the Annapurna range in the Himalayas was always a joy.  I wondered if it was proof that I somehow was living my life right, after not doing much with my law school degree.   Maybe living a life that others dreamed of proved to them that I could live a non-conventional life and wasn't somehow a failure in life.  

Facebook Social Media and Traveling Infographic
Many people love to share, and I believe that much of that sharing is to cover up some kind of deep-seated issue that exists in the heart of the person who is advertising their life on Facebook.  In fact, it could be said that those who share the biggest things on Facebook are those who have the biggest issues with self-esteem and negative self-consciousness.  I would be willing to bet those who can live their lives without having to share every moment with their friends are the ones who are the happiest with their lives and most confident in who they are.  Knowing how to enjoy a moment without having to get the approval of all your friends shows power.  I have met people who say that they are "old school" and do not post at all on Facebook.  That's admirable to me.  

I have always dreamed of just living life for myself.  Not caring one bit what other people thought.  I have come to find that, during this pandemic thing, I don't really like most people.  All the fighting, bickering and whining online has put a foul taste in my mouth.  Seeing people attack each other because of their stupid political parties and conspiracy-driven thoughts about every part of life has made me feel lethargic when it comes to being close to others.  If anything, it has driven me back to this blog and away from other people.  I am loving the peace that I have now, and there's no way I'd be happy back on social media sharing my "spectacular" life with the rest of the world. 

So, would you do it?  Would you take the $1000 and the free vacation to just enjoy life without Facebook, Instagram, and other social media?  I think it would be the greatest vacation you ever had.  I think most people have forgotten what it feels like to see the world without their phone in their hand every ten seconds.  Just enjoying your family in front of you.  Maybe you'd be taking pictures for keepsakes and writing in a journal instead of posting on social media.   Maybe you'd also pay better attention to those who were around you.  Wouldn't that be neat?  Imagine all the people not sharing all the world (on social media).  You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.  Maybe one day it will happen, and the world will live their lives for life's sake again.  

Please let me know your answer in the comments.

By now it is no secret that Facebook and social media are pretty toxic places.  Yet, many people don't bat an eyelash as they spend hours upon hours tethered to these sites.  What gives?  After ten years of research and writing articles on this topic, I sat down and wrote a book on the subject - Facebook Detox.  

Facebook Detox is unlike any other book on the subject of social media.  Instead of beating around the bush and telling a person to merely cut back, Facebook Detox tells it how it is.  Using real-world examples, case studies, and scientific data, Facebook Detox rips Facebook apart.  

This awesome book (if I do say so myself) tackles and pummels Facebook from every angle.  Depression, envy, infidelity, productivity, addiction, anger, sadness, lethargy, comparing, and loss of joy (among others).  Many of the themes of this website have been taken and expanded in great detail.  

Facebook Detox is available as an ebook or physical book on  


  1. Yes, I would and did do it. I went to Paris a few years back and did not share one photo while I was there or when I returned. Like you, I hope that Facebook goes away and we can get back to living life the way we used to before social media took over. Before people felt this inexplicable need to announce everything they were doing, turning into endless braggarts and attention seekers. It was a much better way of life before Facebook existed. Facebook and social media are toxic, period!

    1. Thanks for your comment! That sounds so nice. I agree. Most of us like to brag about the things we do in life far too much. I think that, at one time, it was a big deal to go to these places that were unknown to most. You know, the time before photographs everywhere. Now, why take a picture of the Eiffel tower? We have all seen it from every angle imaginable, even if we have never been to France. The same with any other major monument in the world.

      "I'm going to France next week. If you want to know what the Eiffel tower looks like, do a Google image search."

  2. My wife and I are about ready to do just this. We're not only not posting on social media, but not telling friends and family at all. We're heading to the Caribbean for a week and don't feel like having the Covid discussion a hundred times over. I look forward to being able to enjoy a sunset with a margarita and not having to capture it on my phone for all of my idiot Facebook friends.


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