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Why Do People Like Stupid Posts on Facebook?

Facebook is not the best place to log into if you want to feel good about yourself or your life.  In fact, it may be the most depressing place to be if you are bored and feeling down on yourself.  The problem is that it's too easy to just hit the Facebook app on your phone and see what is happening.  It's an addiction for many, who think that there's some virtue in staying abreast of the barrage of information that is spilling in at any given moment.   If you have gotten yourself to post something witty or interesting, you may find yourself wondering if it got any reactions or sparked a conversation with your "friends."  Sadly, more often than not, posts don't spark many conversations unless you are in the right "cliques."  For those who are not connected with enough like-minded people who think just the same as you do, you are not going to get the bread and butter of Facebook--that being the almighty like!   You scroll through your Facebook feed, wo

Twitter: A Failure

I have a dark secret.  For a while I was using Twitter to get the word out about this blog.  Not only do I still fail to see the point of Twitter, but I found myself too upset at the character restriction (140 characters), and in the end, I only saw it as noise.  In the end, I found myself feeling angry at even using the site, and decided that "enough was enough."  "How can this be addicting?" I wondered.  "This is horrible," I concluded

Upon signing up for Twitter, I immediately realized that most of the information posted was irrelevant.  People were overly obsessive about (a)social networking and politics and "news."  Some people perhaps made their way to Twitter in the first place due to media persuasion.  It's no secret that Twitter is everywhere in the media.  Newspapers now routinely publish articles about the tweets of so-called celebrities (and for some reason, people seem to care).  During Hurricane Sandy I was constantly reminded of Twitter and what certain people were saying about the storm, as if that stuff really matters. 

When the media pushes something like Twitter as hard as it does, I can't help but push back.  There is no reason for a person to be glued to that site.  Seriously, I just can't get myself to see the point of it.  Maybe that's because I don't use a cell phone (I have one, but don't use the internet on it).  Maybe that's because I don't see the point in sitting in front of the computer and flushing away hours with nothing to show for it.  How one spends time is related to their quality of life.  If you are throwing away your time on sites like Twitter and Facebook, chances are you are going to end up lacking in another department.  In short, your life is going to go down the toilet.

Therefore, I realized that I truly have no place on Twitter.  I will not be using that "service" to advertise this site.  Therefore, it will become a grass roots website where the information gets out via word of mouth.  If you like what you read here, feel free to share it with your family and friends.  Please help get the word out.  There is a great life waiting outside of these websites, but many people are not going to go after it.  Many will be content living their lives on sites like Twitter and Facebook, either waiting for someone to say something so they can reply, or waiting for another to comment on their last status update.  To me that sounds like a horrible way to live.  In fact, I know it is: I have lived it.  I've been there and did not like how I felt after blowing hours on Facebook and more recently Twitter.  To this day, I see people spending an entire class period on Facebook instead of listening to a professor's lecture.  What is the point? 

In sum, a few of the reasons I could not get myself to continue to use Twitter were:
  • I found it to be a pointless waste of time.  
  • Too much "noise" on the site.  In other words, a lot of talking, little to no "listening."
  • The 140 character limit makes it very hard to get anything meaningful across.
  • In sum, the site came across as a waste of time when I looked back on time spent.
  • Most information was "irrelevant."  I could care less about what celebrities say on Twitter.
  • If the cost of advertising a site through Twitter is babysitting a profile for hours, the cost is not worth it.
  • No proof that people actually read other people's "tweets."
  • Twitter seem as the kind of place for those already addicted to (a)social networking.  People locked and loaded with comments about how Twitter is amazing.  Yes, we get it.  You're on Twitter and you love yourself for it.
  • Twitter is a dumbed down Facebook and Facebook already is "dumbed down" enough.
  • Many don't "think before they speak," or "think before they Tweet," which leads to disaster.
  • Reading posts with text-speak such as "ur" "2" "u" "thx" etc. gets annoying really fast. 
  • I find myself not wanting to spend all of my time on the computer or on a cell phone.
  • I felt dirty for using something that I don't believe in.
Perhaps you are considering leaving (a)social networking behind?  It is time.  Purge the urge to use (a)social media


  1. Haha "I felt dirty using something I don't believe in"! Well spoken.

  2. I'm not a Twitter user. There's a reason for 140 characters. It forces people to be concise else there's more irrelevant garbage. I speak from my experience with celllphone sms (160 characters).

    1. Not sure if that intention is effective, as there's no real price on sending a tweet. One can create many of them in a short time-span. So instead of one long post you get lots of tiny and often incoherent pieces of text.

      I think the intention was to encourage people to tweet more often: it takes less effort to write a short message instead of longer and thought out blog post. It is also easier and quicker to read these short messages, especially in times when one is overloaded with all this (a)social media crud from all directions begging for one's attention.

    2. No price in sending a tweet- that's the problem as you mentioned. Is like spam emails burying one's inbox since email is free.

  3. Sometimes, the topic requires one to say something longer than 140 characters. Having to post multiple times to say something, when important, is silly.

    Plus, having a 140 character limit makes it more likely people will use words such as "ur" "u" and "4" and other "text speak" instead of properly spelling out words.

  4. I used Twitter awhile back in order to enter contest and to network. I won two contest, but I kept getting these weird people following me after that and no real networking was going on. It was a waste of time and I got rid of it. The funny part was, I kept trying to deactivate it and someone kept trying to hack into my account! It's like, the creators of Twitter did not want me to leave. I made a really hard Japanese password and now it is gone. I was getting involved in way too many (a)social networking sites it was pathetic. Especially since they all were a waste of my time!


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