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How to permanently delete your Facebook profile.

Often I am asked: Can a person permanently delete their Facebook profile?  

After searching the internet, I was able to find out how to permanently delete one's profile on Facebook.  This is different than the deactivation of Facebook, which allows you to come back at any time you re-log in.  Permanently deleting Facebook will make it so you can not log in again to the same account.  Finding the information was quite easy, as many people have wanted to get rid of their accounts permanently.   However, to my dismay, in order to permanently delete Facebook, I would have to reactivate it. 

So, after having been away from Facebook for a few months I signed back in.  I told myself I would make this quick and go straight to the deactivation page which I had copied from the link:  When I logged in I was thrust immediately into a world I had left behind.  It had been a while since I had been to Facebook, and seeing all my old friend's posts and survey results such as "how many children will you have?" and "what celebrity will you look like?" made me cringe.  The same banter on a variety of political and conspiracy theory topics were still there, never having went away in my absence.  Part of me could not believe that others did not see what a waste of time this was!  Some of these people are people that I care about, yet they are still wasting their lives on Facebook! 

My friends and most of my family have not seen this blog.  One of my sisters (who does not use Facebook - and who knows how to keep an offline relationship) told some of my other family members about it, yet they have not visited this site.  Another family member said "I don't need to detox from Facebook, as I am not addicted to it," and has not bothered visiting.  However, said family member does log on at least once a day.  Perhaps logging in once a day does not show as strong of an addiction to Facebook as logging in hourly, but ignoring contrary information is in itself a sign of addiction.  So does denial.

Facebook is an amazing way to keep in touch with people, and it is amazing in the sense that once it is used, it is the only way in which many people tend to keep in touch with others.  Why pick up a phone or write an e-mail if you use Facebook?  And if that person who you would have called does not use Facebook, well, that's their loss.  If they will not bother to get a Facebook account then perhaps they are not worth contacting!  That's how I and many other people see it.  For those of us who do not use Facebook, we find ourselves punished.  The punishment: the end of a relationship with many of those who have their brains hooked up to (a)social networking. 

If you decide to leave (a)social networking behind, you will be looked at as (a)social by your family and friends.  A pariah.  However, there is nothing social about exclusively nurturing relationships via a computer.  Yet, today's society seems to think that Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the like are social.  It is, sadly, a very backwards way of looking at it.  When sites like that become your only outlet to the world, and when they dictate how and who you will keep in contact with, there is a serious problem.

If you have decided you want to take the plunge and rid yourself of Facebook altogether, permanently deleting your profile, follow the steps below:

1.  Visit: (sadly, you are going to have to reactivate your account if you have previously deactivated it).
2.  Fill out the form on the site, which is rather short and easy.
3.  Try to not look at everything that is posted.  Most will probably annoy you.
4.  Don't log back in.  You have to be logged out at least 14 days for it to disappear. 
5.  Congratulate yourself on having left.  Purge the urge to create a new profile in the future and instead work towards something that the time that (a)social networking has taken away from you.


  1. I have been deactivated for quite some time now. Your #3 in your list at the bottom is what's keeping me from full on deletion. I just can't look at it all again, if even for a second. It makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. Facebook is just disgusting. Just nasty!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I know how you feel. I did not enjoy having to look at Facebook again in order to permanently delete it. While on a recent trip I was forced to hear many 'users' speak of Facebook, and it was something I had to train myself to ignore. It's hard to ignore it though when the world is consumed with it. Hopefully that passes. Until then, just do your best to not focus on it.

  3. This is the best thing I have EVER done in my life. No more Facebook! No more Facebook!

  4. oh my gosh i love this! i think im obsessed with facebook it progressively got worse and worse...then my husband and i decided to elimate some of the distractions from real life fb was on the list...its a 5 day challenge and day 1 i was curious if i was addicted to fb bc i keep wanting to get on..i already accidently saw i had 14 notifications in like 6 hrs..but i quickly logged out so it wouldnt pop up again when i open my laptop. i already see a difference in my attention with my children. and it feels a little bit disconnected but in reality i wasnt really connected to any of those people...its so weird how something can be so addicting i like cling to it when im having a problem or am bored...sounds like a drug...

  5. If I deleted the Facebook permanently.. Can I sign up with the same email again for a new account?

    1. Yes, you can sign up with the same e-mail address that you used before.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thought about Facebook. I have been away from this FB world for quite some time and I never feel bad about it. Instead I can focus doing other useful stuffs and giving my full attention in raising my son. :)

  7. It's true, facebook is ADDICTIVE!

    I am so angry at times, from what I read online, of all sorts of EVIL that makes me wants to strike out and attack those EVIL DOERS... it's STRESSING ME OUT...

    So this link to delete my account, boom, I did it, fuck FACEBOOK, they're HELL ON EARTH!


    Sure, I met some nice people, but it's no good, I'll NEVER meet them in REAL LIFE... that's the problem.

    The other part is the EVIL that people do, like the sodomites, the feminists scum, even others... I can't stand them, they're so EVIL... I want to strike them down, destroy them...

    So the only option is, DELETE facebook and be free! NO MORE FACEBOOK!

    (sighs). I feel better cutting the leach!

    Ha ha ha.

  8. Funny thing was, I keeps entering my password, then the captha thing, over and over and over and over and over. it's like facebook won't let me go, the damn parasite! But I kept at it until it finally relented and let me go. Ha ha ha. Oh well.

  9. I have one profile which I want to keep and another to delete altogether, but not sure how to do this. Is there anybody who can assist with this?

  10. How do you delete Judith phone Facebook

  11. I deleted my account yesterday, and it was through facebook, not by doing the whole random password then deactivation labor intensive business. 13 days from now it will be gone. You have to find your way to the deactivation page. It should be titled something like "Deactivation or Deletion". In the small short section on deletion there should be a blue hyperlinked "let us know" statement. Click this. No you wont be sending an email to them. What comes up is a simple type your password and the letters you see here, then click here box. Done!!


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