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Why Do People Like Stupid Posts on Facebook?

Facebook is not the best place to log into if you want to feel good about yourself or your life.  In fact, it may be the most depressing place to be if you are bored and feeling down on yourself.  The problem is that it's too easy to just hit the Facebook app on your phone and see what is happening.  It's an addiction for many, who think that there's some virtue in staying abreast of the barrage of information that is spilling in at any given moment.   If you have gotten yourself to post something witty or interesting, you may find yourself wondering if it got any reactions or sparked a conversation with your "friends."  Sadly, more often than not, posts don't spark many conversations unless you are in the right "cliques."  For those who are not connected with enough like-minded people who think just the same as you do, you are not going to get the bread and butter of Facebook--that being the almighty like!   You scroll through your Facebook feed, wo

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