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Going on a Facebook and Instagram Free Vacation

Could you do it?  For $1000 would you go on a Facebook or Instagram free vacation?  What if the vacation was also free?  All food, all lodging, plane tickets, and even the visas?  What if, say, you could go to Turkey, Costa Rica or Australia for free?  But, the catch was, no posting anything on social media about the trip.  You could never say a word about it, and once you did, the entire bill for the trip came due, along with the extra $1000 you were given.   

Could you do it?
Would the trip be as fun without being able to post every moment?  Could you enjoy those beautiful blue Thai waters and golden beaches without posting a selfie while taking in a gorgeous sunset?  Could you enjoy the Costa Rican food without showing your friends before you took your first bite?  Could you truly enjoy that meal if your friends were not salivating as you were devouring it?  Would you be able to enjoy the Hagia Sofia without posting a live video of you walking through those huge halls and taking in t…

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